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We are a small team that is committed to develop highly innovative software with a high quality or we will die trying.

Product Development

We are committed to deliver products that will make a difference. We can implement a new product starting from idea and end with long term support.

Developing Software Development Tools

We developed a bunch of tools made by developers for developers. Those tools helped us to develop our porducts and we are ready to share those tools with you ...

Resource Sharing

We support and are ready to share our development resources with you so that our expertize can make a difference to your business. We have experience with outsourcing specific development resources but also with full project outsourcing.

Our Values

Partnership and Responsibility

Innovation and Creativity

Deliver Results

Economical Efficiency

Our Products

Our work is fun ... isn't it?


Ultra intuitive application installer


Pyramidal greatness for your business


Pyramidal greatness in a box (with CPU)


Run Pyramidal inside all clouds


Have all clouds in a box (with CPU)

Development Tools

Everything we develop for our self we can share it with your team!


Fast and efficient - no compromises!

Online StandUp Meeting

Provides a web interface for standup meetings.

Universal Web Configurator

Configure you application via web interface with "0" lines of code.

Secure WebHook Server

Secure, versatile, reliable!

About Us

Our history is not so long but the future will be!

  • 2008-2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Gathering togheter, working on some freelance projects, hacking some stuff ... nothing unusual.

  • February 2015

    An Idea is Born

    Pyramidal! make life easier and efficient ... have everything what is available as open source in one click. So, gather the council, inspire people ... star it up!

  • June 2016

    Transition to Full Service

    Everything is almost ready, beautify here, beautify there ... and this is it: Grand Opening!

  • January 2017

    Phase Two Expansion

    Make it visible!

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    Of Our

Our Leadership Team

Create, inspire and make it ...

Stancov Gheorghe

Founder and CTO

Iuliana B. Bragorenco

Lead Marketer

We have commitment, we have energy, get things done is our motto ...
We have everything we need!

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