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We power your software development projects with a turbo engine of skills, man power, nice tools and new technologies.

Individual Software Development

We are a small team that is committed to develop highly innovative software with a high quality or we will die trying.

We can fluently translate from and to this languages:

  • English
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • German
  • Python
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Javascript (nodeJS, FrontEnd: AngularJS, JQuery, etc.)
  • Linux C, C++ ( Qt, QML)
  • SQL (MYSQL, Postgres, MSSQL)
  • noSQL (MongoDB, ElasticSearch, InfluxDB)
  • Bash, OS scripting

Test Automation Development

We love development but development without testing is like a well designed car - on paper.
Preparing the infrastructure and make it deliver automatic testing reliable, complete and on time takes effort and time.

Let your team work on core business but keep your products future proof with good test coverage and regression testing.

  • Docker, Proxmox, VirtualBox, libVirt
  • Jenkins, GitlabCI, Travis
  • Continuous Linux Deployment, PXEBoot, NFS rootFS
  • BuildSystemPlus, buildroot, Yocto
  • TRex

Linux OS assembling, managing, building, deploying

Linux OS is great as long as you know it. Embedded, fast, efficient, powerful, universal - Linux can do everything as long as you know how to configure it!
We can find the best Linux for you!

  • CentOS, RedHat
  • Ubuntu, Debian
  • Slax and ...

Networking and TelCo

Our experience touched following Networking industry sectors:

  • specialized routers
  • smart switches
  • next generation firewall
  • VoIP
  • WAN optimizers
  • network analisys (DPI)
  • network security (rules engine, SIEM, stream Antivirus, IPS, IDS)

Business Intelligence (BI)

BI is about data, the right data, the right visualization and the right algorithms. Any faulty component and there is no BI anymore.

  • Data filtering, aggregation, statistical analysis
  • Real time reporting and computations
  • Fancy and/or useful visualizations

Software development methodologies

We can smoothly integrate with teams using various software development methodologies.

  • Agile: Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban
  • Research oriented development: Waterfall, Cleanroom
  • Test driven development, BDD
  • Classical feature driven development

Our Products

Our work is fun ... isn't it?


Ultra intuitive application installer


Pyramidal greatness for your business


Pyramidal greatness in a box (with CPU)


Run Pyramidal inside all clouds


Have all clouds in a box (with CPU)

Development Tools

Everything we develop for ourselves we can share with your team!


Fast and efficient - no compromises!

Online StandUp Meeting

Standup meeting - the guru way!

Online Absence Management

Efficient and pain free absence management!

Continuous Linux Deployment

Automatic magic hands that installs your Linux'es!

Secure WebHook Server

Secure, versatile, reliable!

Simple Product Billing

Simple but versatile billing management!

Universal Web Configurator

Configure you application via web interface with "0" lines of code.

Our Leadership Team

Create, inspire and make it ...

Stancov Gheorghe

Founder and CTO

Iuliana B. Bragorenco

Lead Marketer

We have commitment, we have energy, get things done is our motto ...
We have everything we need!

Our Values

Partnership and Responsibility

Innovation and Creativity

Deliver Results

Economical Efficiency

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