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We power your software development projects with a turbo engine of skills, man power, nice tools and new technologies.

Custom Software Development

We are a small team that is committed to develop highly innovative software with a high quality or we will die trying.

Embedded Linux Development

Linux OS is the best as long as you master it. Embedded, fast, efficient, powerful, universal, secure - Linux can do everything as long as you know how to configure it! Every embedded system needs middleware software to configure the Linux.
We have huge experience in working with Linux OS and designing an secure and robust middleware software.

IoT Devices

IoT is embraced in every industry and every market! Global, 24/7, real time, connectivty is the new standard for consumer and industrial devices.
Having a cost efficient, experienced partner in developing IoT solutions will make the difference!
We are partnering with leading IoT conectivity providers like 1nce and emnify. We use and test all new open hardware platforms (more than 20 devices). And we can build running prototypes within days ... contact us for a quick demo!

Web Micro Services

There is no modern system which does not exploit the Micro Service architecture benefits. Mircor Services can be developed independend on each other and can be delivered by different teams. We can develop, test and maintain small, medium or heavy Micro Services using the newest technologies for documentation, test automation, tracing and diagnostics.

Cloud integration

Cloud native is a term that starts to be used as descriptive and quantitative adjectives for new, fast, best, numerous, masive, huge. Let us help in builing Cloud native solutions for Micro Services, Data lakes, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics using Azure, AWS or Google clouds.

Test Automation Development

We love development but development without testing is like a well designed car - on paper.
Fast time to market, continuous improvement, good customer experience and risc reduction can only be achieved by having a robust and advanced test automation strategy.
Preparing the infrastructure and make it deliver automatic testing reliable, complete and on time, takes effort and time.

Available consultants


Lead Programmer, Software Architect

Availability: from 1 Mai 2021


Software Developer

Availability: full time


Lead Marketer

Availability: full time

Contact us and we will bring our expertise and knowledge in your project.

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